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(Caution Spiritual Enlightenment Ahead!)
... like countless converts before and after me,
I felt I had come home and known the place for the first time.

  -- Sir Alec Guiness
  _Blessings in Disguise_ 1985

These are some of the best Christian Links from around the Web.
They are mostly comprehensive links that also provide paths to even better resources!
Take your time and explore what's out there.
Thanks for stopping by.
General Catholic Sites - Christian Writers - Issues/Charities - Online Bibles
General Catholic Sites
Come on Home - Information New Advent
Comprehensive Resources : Includes Church Documents, Writings of the Fathers, Catechism, Catholic News, and much more!
Come on Home - Information Eternal Word Television Network
Television and Shortwave radio network : Audio and Video Libraries of Past programs, Document Library and other Special Features.
Come on Home - Information Catholic Online
Comprehensive Resources : Includes just about anything related to Catholics. Good place to find other links.
Favorite Christian Writers
Come on Home - Information G.K. Chesterton - the Colossal Genius (Dave Armstrong's Site)
Catholic Convert from the Early 1990's : Journalist, Essayist, Novelist, Editorialist, Good friend to all that new him.
Come on Home - Information G.K. Chesterton (Martin Ward's Site)
G.K.C.'s works on the Web - Read his delightfull stuff for yourself.
Come on Home - Information The American Chesterton Society
Society Dedicated to G.K.C.
Come on Home - Information Gilbert!
Literary Magazine Dedicated to G.K.C. (and his like)
Come on Home - Information C.S. Lewis - 20th Century Christian Knight (Dave Armstrong's Site)
Agnostic Convert, Christian Writer, Apologist, Fantasy Writer / Creator of the Chronicles of Narnia
Influenced by G.K.C. and good friend of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Inklings
Come on Home - Information John Henry Newman - The Father of the Second Vatican Council (Dave Armstrong's Site)
Catholic Convert from the mid-1800's, Greatest Theologian of his time.
His works still influence Catholic doctrine and helped inspire Pope John XXIII to call Vatican II.
Come on Home - Information Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Full Text of Bible Study Tools, Novels, Theology, Poetry, works of the Early Fathers and much more!
Issues / Charities
Come on Home - Information Catholic Charities U.S.A.
Come on Home - Information Catholic Relief Services
National and Worldwide Assistance
Come on Home - Information Effective Fathers Seminars
Join John Ream and his team at a local church near you.
This is an important and enlightening seminar for any man that is in a family (not just Fathers).
Come on Home - Information Life Issues Institute
Dedicated to Education in the Pro-Life Movement. Includes radio show transcripts and informational pamphlets.
Come on Home - Information National Right to Life
Pro-Life social and political action.
Come on Home - Information Priests for Life
Pro-Life organization founded by Priests
Online Bibles
Come on Home - Information Bible Gateway
Search the Bible in multiple versions, find Audio Version. (not Roman Catholic)
Come on Home - Information Blue Letter Bible
Search the Bible in multiple versions, find various commentaries (not Roman Catholic)

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